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Pure Leaf Influencer Samantha Wong


Pure Leaf identified an opportunity to expand beyond its core user base and seize the attention of a younger demographic, specifically women aged 25-34. However, they knew that to succeed, they would need both a new approach and a new message – one that broke through beyond the usual product sell.


PRAXIS was assigned the task of engaging a newly identified younger target market by conveying the brand’s authentic message in a manner relevant to the modern, multifaceted lifestyles and interests of young women on digital platforms. The Pure Leaf Iced Tea “Yes to Real” Influencer Social Media Campaign was crafted to forge genuine connections with this audience, known for valuing authenticity in both personal lives and brand interactions.


Leveraging this insight, PRAXIS collaborated with influencers who epitomized the campaign’s ethos, ensuring that the messaging aligned with the audience’s preference for authentic storytelling and self-expression. Influencers were carefully chosen for their ability to embody and communicate the “Yes to Real” theme, which aligns with Pure Leaf’s brand identity of real brewed tea and authentic experiences.


The campaign’s approach was centred around influencers who could naturally integrate Pure Leaf into their lifestyle content, reflecting real moments and genuine enjoyment. The influencers spanned various lifestyle categories, ensuring a broad appeal to the diverse interests of the target audience. In total, PRAXIS secured partnerships with 26 influencers, including two mega (Spencer Barbosa and Samantha Wong) and 24 nano influencers. In total, 30 pieces of content were produced and published over six months posted to both TikTok and Instagram.  

  • 23% higher positive sentiment than traditional brand messages
  • Engagement rates that were 15x higher than traditional brand messages
  • Increase in ad recall (+6.9 points)
  • Increase in top-of-mind awareness (+1.5 points)
  • Increase in intent to purchase (+2.3 points)

Real brewed iced tea aligned with the thirst for “realness” online

The campaign was successful in not only focusing on promoting Pure Leaf Iced Teas but also creating a narrative that resonates with the target demographic’s daily life and values. The strategic selection of influencers and the emphasis on authentic engagement formed the backbone of the campaign, aligning with the audience’s values and interests, and successfully positioning Pure Leaf as a brand that champions realness and authenticity. 

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