Meet the Team: Fatima Shaikh

Fatima Shaikh joined PRAXIS in January 2023 as a digital intern and we’re excited to welcome her as a permanent member of the team! As she transitions into her new full-time role as an Account Coordinator, we thought it would be fun to get to know her a little better by asking her about her time so far at PRAXIS and what she likes to do outside of work. Account Executive Waverly Neufeld sat down with her to learn more.

Q: What led you to pursue a career in Marketing Communications and PR? 

A: I’m fairly new to the industry. I graduated this past June, and this is my first full-time role out of university. I actually came across PR when I was younger, I want to say around 2016. I saw some of the beauty influencers I followed getting PR packages and I’d hear them use the term “PR” or say “Oh yeah, I got a PR package,” and I was so curious. I Googled it and read about ‘Public Relations’, and from then on I thought I want to be part of that!  And now, actually working in an environment where I’m learning about marketing communications and PR, I’m very excited about my career ahead.  

Q: What excites you about Marketing Communications and PR? 

A: There is something new all the time. Current events and trends are very relevant when it comes to PR so it’s rare that you’ll be doing the same thing over and over. Of course, there are some things we do often, like working with influencers, but we’re always building on our ideas and changing things up. It’s a lot of fun to take cool, new trends that you see outside of work and bring that to your workplace.  

Q: What are some of the day-to-day activities you’ll be doing in your role as an Account Coordinator? 

A: Every day is different! Some of the things I am working on at the moment are influencer research and outreach, community management, media monitoring and reporting including creating a daily newsletter, and working on brand campaign reports. 

Q: What is your favourite part about working in Marketing Communications and PR?

A: How we’re able to connect the brands with people. It’s cool how we’re able to work together with brand teams and figure out the best way to relay their brand and image to the public. We work together as a team to put that brand persona out to the public.

Q: What challenges have you overcome since starting out in PR? 

A: Adjusting to the variety of work I do and my ability to think on the spot and prioritize tasks. It’s busy and exciting. I’m working on lots of different projects, so I’m really learning how to prioritize my tasks and manage my time.  

Q: What’s been your favourite campaign to work on to date? 

A: The Brisk Big Break campaign. It’s an influencer campaign that my team and I are working on with Brisk Iced Tea. It’s the first campaign that I’ve been super hands-on with from the beginning. It’s been really interesting to see it come together with all the moving pieces to create one amazing campaign. It’s still in the works and hasn’t been completed yet, but I’m enjoying every step of it!

Q: What’s been your favourite memory at PRAXIS so far? 

A: It would have to be my very first Collab Day. Because PRAXIS has a remote work environment, we get together every few months to spend time together at an in-person day. It was my first time meeting the team, so naturally I was very nervous, but everyone was so welcoming and friendly.  My nerves went away after I met everyone. Another perk for that day was that we had a mobile spa, so it was just a really great experience overall.  

Q: What do you like to do outside of work? 

A: I love trying out new restaurants and hanging out with my friends and family, especially my two baby nephews. I also like biking by the water, along the Lakeshore. 

Q: What’s something on your summer bucket list?

A: I really want to do a bunch of water activities. Parasailing, jet skiing and tubing are all on the list!

Q: Who is your dream client?

A: The Toronto Raptors. I feel like they are such a big part of the culture living in Toronto. So being able to do some marketing or PR for them would be really cool.

Q: Do you have any advice that you would give to emerging PR professionals?

A: My advice would be to keep up with current trends. Tap into your creative side. And always stay connected with your colleagues. They will oftentimes have been in the industry longer than you, so they have a lot of valuable insights that can help you a ton when you’re getting started in the industry and throughout your career. I feel like this goes for every job. Your colleagues will always be extremely valuable and helpful to your growth.