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Laphroaig Laugh-Roaig Case Study


Laphroaig (pronounced la-froyg) is a premium single malt Scotch that doesn’t take itself too seriously, with a brand personality that is cheeky and humourous. Knowing that pronouncing the brand’s name has historically been a barrier for the single malt, PRAXIS identified this as a unique opportunity to host an engaging tasting event that differentiates itself from the traditional, often boring, whisky tastings. To teach consumers how to properly pronounce Laphroaig while embodying the quirky brand personality, the concept of ‘Laugh-Roaig’ was created as the name of a premium comedy activation. 


Strategically combining functional messaging surrounding the name of the brand, with the emotional connection of the comedy act, resulted in a breakthrough event that drove awareness and differentiation for the brand. The ‘Laugh-Roaig’ premium dinner and comedy event was co-hosted by notable Canadian comedian Chuck Byrn and Laphroaig’s brand ambassador. The PRAXIS team invited spirits journalists, lifestyle writers, whisky club members, and content creators to attend the event, targeting those who influence the awareness and spending habits of the brand’s target demographic via editorial articles and social media content. 


Guests were welcomed to the Drake Underground in Toronto with elevated canapés and signature Laphroaig cocktails. Chuck kicked off the evening with a stand-up comedy routine, incorporating Laphroaig and its key messages seamlessly into his set. Following the show, guests were served a multi-course dinner, with each course perfectly paired with a different expression of Laphroaig, demonstrating the breadth of its single malt portfolio. 

  • Hosted 44 influencer guests 
  • 39 pieces of coverage
  • Delivered 52% higher impressions vs. target, at 33% lower cost
  • Secured coverage in premium publications such as Preferred Magazine and Gent’s Post

Whisky and comedy are a cracking combo!

The event succeeded against multiple goals including communicating the right way to say the brand name, educating consumers on Laphroaig’s rich history, providing a liquid-to-lips opportunity with key opinion leaders, and ultimately, differentiating the brand from its competitors in a cluttered category in a lighthearted way that is consistent with the single malt’s humourous personality.

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