How To Set Your Week Up for Success!

Success with Asana

Effectively preparing for the week ahead is crucial to a successful and stress-free work week. By taking time to plan, you can not only increase your overall productivity, but also combat those dreaded Sunday Scaries. Account Executive Rakshicaa Thirumuruka shares her tips and tricks for planning and preparing for the upcoming work week

1. Carve Out Time 

Treat weekly planning as a priority and schedule 30 minutes of uninterrupted time at the same time each week to sit down and plan. At PRAXIS, we have a 4-day work week, so proper time management and prioritization are key to enjoying your ‘rest day’.  

2. Create a To-Do List  

Take a high-level look at the week ahead and review your task lists (our team uses Asana to make this more efficient). Start with the bigger tasks and slowly begin to break them down into smaller, more actionable items. Having a well-structured list will keep you organized and provide a sense of direction for the week ahead.  

3. Prioritize & time block 

Now that you have all your tasks listed out, identify your goals and priorities. Keep any deadlines in mind to map out the sequence in which you should tackle your list. Create some tentative blocks in your calendar to ensure you have enough time to complete your tasks and to hold yourself accountable. Priorities, however, will always change so remember to stay flexible and reprioritize as you go!  

4. Get your space ready  

Before you get started on tackling that to-do list, make sure your space is ready for you. Take a few moments to tidy up your desk/workspace and create an inviting space that will eliminate any distractions and keep you productive longer.  

5. Make time for some self-care  

Now that you know what you’re working on and have the environment ready to do so, take a step back. The first day of the work week can often be daunting, so take some time to assess your well-being. Schedule in time for activities that will make you happy and remember to take breaks when you need them. Taking care of your mental health is the best way you can ensure you’re setting yourself up for success!