PRAXIS PR Case Study


Cineplex Case Study
Making popcorn the real star at the movies!


Cineplex is a top-tier Canadian brand operating in various sectors including film entertainment and content, amusement and leisure, and media. It boasts over 170 movie theatres and location-based entertainment venues (The Rec Room and Playdium), offering guests an escape from the everyday. Cineplex is a partner in Scene+, Canada’s largest entertainment and lifestyle loyalty program


Canadians love Cineplex’s warm buttery popcorn and its role in the movie-going experience. For 2024’s National Popcorn Day Cineplex, PRAXIS developed a PR strategy that emphasized popcorn as the real star in making memories at the movies. 

PRAXIS orchestrated a comprehensive 4-pillar PR strategy for National Popcorn Day, spotlighting Cineplex’s popcorn as the nation’s favorite. Influencer collaborations with Gigi Lablack, Stephen Covic, and Jessica Lam tailored content to resonate with their style and highlight the promotion. Seeding kits were sent to 30 influencers who created organic coverage with branded items and passes. Earned media efforts included a national press releases and pitches to secure coverage, while partnered broadcast segments with Denise Wild showcased creative popcorn ideas, emphasizing Cineplex’s promotion. 


  • 47.8 million impressions, 25% over target
  • 218 pieces of earned media coverage
  • 3 influencers shared 12 pieces of content 
  • 30 impactful yet budget-friendly seeding kits resulted in 49 pieces of content


Overall, the 2024 National Popcorn Day campaign exceeded KPIs by 8.5 million impressions. This multifaceted public relations program drove brand/ event awareness and participation highlighted how popcorn is the star of the show targeting lifestyle and food media and influencers nationwide.  

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