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Brisk Big Break case study


Brisk Iced Tea, renowned for its bold flavours and refreshingly genuine identity, has long been a go-to for satisfying thirst with a punch. With its steadfast commitment to vibrant youthfulness, Brisk embraced the challenge of evolving authentically alongside its audience. Seeking to revitalize its brand image and enhance engagement among crucial teen and young adult demographics, Brisk aimed to rejuvenate its online presence.


PRAXIS spearheaded an influencer campaign for Brisk, focusing on enhancing its flavour profile, debuting TikTok and YouTube Shorts channels, and captivating the Gen Z demographic. This strategic initiative aimed not only to rejuvenate teen preference but also to leverage the launch of Brisk’s new strawberry flavour, injecting fresh vitality into the brand.


The ‘Brisk Big Break’ campaign launched with four, high-profile Canadian influencers (@coltyy, @alwayshockey, @mattgupps and @antho.tran), who shared their ‘big break’ moments. Then they started encouraging other up-and-coming Canadian creators to submit videos of their own. Finally, each influencer profiled the best of the submission, giving three talented people their Brisk Big Break. In total, 19 pieces of creator content were produced and shared over the six-month campaign, and nearly 1,000 people submitted their own videos.

  • 10pt increase in ad recall
  • 2.3pt increase in ad awareness
  • 4.4pt increase in purchase intent
  • Engagement was 29% higher than traditional brand messages
  • Sentiment was 16x higher than traditional brand messages 
  • TikTok channel obtained 10,000 new followers in first month

Gen Z creators answered the challenge to show Brisk their talent!

The Brisk Big Break influencer campaign was designed to inspire and engage, based on Gen Z’s aspirations and values grounded in content creation and authentic self-expression. PRAXIS tapped into this insight by selecting influencers who are not only content creators but also embody Brisk’s bold and authentic image, ensuring alignment with the brand’s identity and appeal to the target demographic’s desire for genuine storytelling. The campaign fostered a positive community response, with consumers expressing their love for Brisk and the new flavours. The sentiment analysis also highlighted consumers’ appreciation for the influencers’ content, reflecting successful brand-influencer alignment and audience resonance. 

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