Maureen has been providing communications counsel to anyone who will listen for more than 30 years...and many have chosen to listen. Ironically, she is in her happy place when controversy is swirling all around her – bringing her calm voice of reason to a myriad of complex client issues. Marketers appreciate the strategic vigor she brings to brand building as well as her creative flare for designing campaigns that get people talking.



Paula has enjoyed a dynamic 23-year PR career consulting with large and mid-size agencies in a broad range of industries including consumer packaged goods, beverage alcohol, hospitality, sports and entertainment. Clients have described her as a creative, strategic thinker, who knows how to get a job done. Her energetic, passionate devotion to client satisfaction works in creating long-term partnerships with clients and colleagues.

Liz Luzza

Vice President & Principal

Liz has more than ten years of diverse experience in communications consulting, working in a broad range of sectors including beverage alcohol, consumer packaged goods and hospitality/service industries. She believes that each client and brand has a unique and valuable story, and this belief fuels her appetite to share through creative and break-through campaigns. Driven by results and quality client service, Liz maintains that strong partnerships, creativity and most importantly, passion, is the formula for success.

Karen Krugel

Executive Vice-President & Principal

Karen has been a professional communicator for two decades, and has held senior leadership roles in agencies in Manhattan and Toronto. Her expertise spans luxury goods, the hospitality industry and consumer packaged goods. She’s a daring, results­ focused leader who gets big brands and still knows how to handle the small stuff. Her clients call her a tireless advocate for their business goals.

Shauna Marshall

Vice President

Shauna is an accomplished communications executive who brings more than a decade of retail, lifestyle, entertainment and consumer packaged goods expertise to Praxis. Shauna thrives on delivering positive results to her clients and is passionate about designing impactful and unexpected campaigns that bring the stories of the brands she represents to the forefront.